Wooden bedroom furniture

Wooden bedroom furniture

The bedroom is where we spend most of our lives. So, it must be furnished in a way when we feel ourselves comfy. Wooden bedroom furniture gives us all just this opportunity.

Why choose wooden bedroom furniture?

Surely the question may arise as to why choose wooden bedroom furniture if the shops are full of cheap plastic or wooden board furniture. This question is quite easy to answer.

Wooden furniture is durable

With reasonable care, solid wood furniture is passed down from generation to generation, and if you get tired of it, then you can re-market it. Unlike cheap furniture, it does not break easily, and if something needs to be repaired, then in most cases it can be done in a simple way.

Wooden bedroom furniture is unique and stylish

While shop furniture represents the so-called mass production, the bedroom furniture we offer is custom-made, which makes it unique and stylish. We elaborate everything to the smallest detail in cooperation with you, so this furniture is also truly practical.

Wood furniture is Nature-Saving

As wooden furniture lasts a long time, its manufacture is also Nature-Saving and environmentally friendly. There is a difference between making furniture for 20+ years or for 3 years.

Wood materials can be combined with other materials

Wooden bedroom furniture does not mean that it cannot be combined with other materials. For example, we can make furniture with upholstery that will add softness and coziness to your interior.

Wooden bedroom furniture

Ordering bedroom furniture – the main tips

To make ordering the bedroom furniture as smooth as possible, think over the following things for yourself in advance.

Room dimensions, functionality and design of bedroom furniture

We recommend that the bedroom design be based on the style used in your entire home. Example: if your home is minimalistic throughout, you should also keep a similar line in the bedroom.

Largely, it all also depends on the size of the bedroom. So, write down the measurements and think carefully what and how you want to use. If you are not strong in the measurement work, let us know and we can do it ourselves.

Think about the design of the furniture (for example, you can find references in our gallery) and functionality.

Think about what materials you want to use


Birch is a relatively hard tree, but in its hardness it is not brittle. Birch should be used in places suffering from higher loads. Kitchen worktops, children’s furniture, stair steps, etc. In a birch tree bed you sleep peacefully. There are practically no grains. Few twig spots and tone changes add to the look.


Pine is by nature a soft tree with a peculiarly pleasant resin smell. Pine wood is very soft and hand-friendly to the touch. The Pine is characterized by a strongly pronounced wood grain and a multitude of branches, which exemplify the furniture made.

Pine furniture is suitable for places where surfaces do not have particularly high load tolerance. Doors, drawer inserts, cabinet inserts, bedroom furniture, etc.


Spruce is generally similar to pine, but its grain is tender, and the branches are smaller. Places of use could be the same. Spruce resists the weather better than pine.


Oak looks luxurious and is considered a luxury item. It is very hard, long-lasting, but brittle when processed. Oak can be placed anywhere, and oak can be made into anything. At the same time, it does not fit into every interior, oak wants to be in a luxurious and stylish place. Because of its long life and service life, oak furniture is considered to be inheritable furniture.


Ash is the younger brother of Oak. Not so demanding in terms of the surrounding environment. You can also do absolutely anything from the ash. Since the ash grain is also quite similar to that of the oak, then ash can be made into the so-called oak-cheat furniture.

In processing, ash is more plastic and easier to process than oak. In hardness, it is located between Birch and Oak.

Proper furniture can be made from any type of wood, but we recommend ordering birch wood furniture. Why? Because it has the best price-durability ratio, and it ensures the longevity of your bedroom furniture.

However, it is possible to choose between different options:

  • Bedroom furniture from solid wood
  • Bedroom furniture from mixed wood
  • MDF furniture
  • Plywood furniture

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