Living-room furniture from solid wood

Living-room furniture from solid wood

Unlike cheap furniture, living room furniture from solid wood will last for years. It is easy to maintain and restore or update, if necessary. If you are an environmentally conscious person, you may want to know that due to its longevity (furniture lasts at least 20 years) it is significantly less burdensome to the environment.

There is also no fear that living-room furniture from solid wood is not modern. Well-designed and neatly finished furniture fits into any home and interior. Depending on the material you choose, the furniture can also tell its own story.

Living-room furniture from solid wood

Living-room furniture made of birch wood

For example, Birch bestows its friendly disposition to those who approach it with love, it favors sincere people, it more willingly communicates with women and children. It delights children and comforts women.

Birch destroys disease-causing germs. It is a sensitive tree, it awakens intuitive forces in people, makes them sensitive. If you are near the Birch, then soon you will receive an answer to your problems. Birch is gentle and caring. Birch frees from fear and hesitation, worry, it scares nightmares away.

Living-room furniture from pine

Pine gives strength when you do a lot of physical exertion. It can cure a disturbed aura. Pine calms the rebellious spirit, and feelings become clear. Internal balance and peace are restored.

This tree cleans consciousness from filth, silences the state of irritation, relieves frustration. Pine offers a solution to the problem. This is the tree of men, the tree of leaders, it gathers a collective around itself where the weak have no place. If you have a pine tree vegetating near your home, it is possible that it will help purify the energy of the male family. Pine brings strength to men and helps them win the love of women.

Living-room furniture from spruce

Spruce gives creativity and inspiration. Spruce resembles music, which gradually completely embraces a person and dissolves him in itself. Spruce is a symbol of strength and durability.

Near the Spruce, sadness, timidity, pessimism and miserliness disappear. If you stay a lot near the spruce, your whole life will turn for the better: worries and fears will decrease, the attitude towards life will become more positive.

Living-room furniture from oak

Oak is the most powerful tree. Oak charges with energy for a long time and communication with it is better suited for strong natures, those who need to make important decisions. Oak gives vitality and ensures a long life.

It will help those who have little joy in life, chronic fatigue and apathy. Oak is tough: it does not tolerate whiners but prefers fighters. Oak strengthens the mood with which one approaches it.

This tree is always ready for any trials. Giving vitality, it accelerates and activates blood and lymph circulation, helps to get out of great tension and exhaustion of serious illness.

Living-room furniture from ash

The energy of ash tree helps creative people and athletes. It revives pleasant events and memories. It frees the human mind. The ash tree helps to understand predestination, it promotes clairvoyance and allows you to gaze into the future. Ash helps those who are sincere in their desires.

If you are a scammer, you will insult the tree and get the wrong answers that will make you make the wrong decisions. The ash tree always wants something in return. This tree makes fantasy work and imagination flow.

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