Why wooden furniture?

Why wooden furniture?

Quite often it is said here and there: “Why choose wooden furniture when the shops are full of cheap furniture”? Therefore, we point out the main advantages of why wooden furniture is better.

Manufacture of custom-made wooden furniture vs. low-cost furniture

Handmade furniture understandably costs more than mass-produced furniture. Therefore, we cannot compare prices for handcrafted furniture with JYSK or IKEA low-cost furniture series. However, whether cheaper mass production will be cheaper for you in the end is a separate question.

For example: If you buy a second chest of drawers from IKEA (because the first one broke down), then it would have been wise to order a handmade chest of drawers, because it will also survive the third IKEA chest of drawers.

Custom-made furniture lasts longer

If you are constantly moving, then cheap furniture is an absolutely good and correct choice. It will serve you nicely for 3-4 years, and then it would be wise to exchange it for a new one.

On the other hand, custom-made furniture will serve you for at least 20 years, and with reasonable care, solid wood furniture will last longer than you could have hoped. However, in this case, the design and functionality of the furniture must be carefully thought out so that the appearance of the furniture does not annoy you over time.

Prices may vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. It’s true that we have always tried to maintain a reasonable price level. Of course, everything depends on the design and materials used, the more sophisticated or exotic they are, the more expensive the result is.

Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly

Solid wood furniture has another big plus: namely, due to its longevity, it is much more sustainable for nature, i.e. less harmful to the environment.

For example: in about 2006 we made one closet bed, which today is probably already in the hands of a third family and is still working. In the meantime, one side of the broken bed had to be replaced, but the furniture is still in working order.

Our very first kitchen still serves its family and is said to look nice.

In other words, based on our experience, we may confirm that the furniture we make will serve you for at least 17 years.

What are the advantages of wooden furniture over other furniture?

The advantages of wooden furniture over other furniture are quite easy to point out.

Wooden furniture lasts a long time

When used and combined with the right materials and the right ways to assemble, wooden furniture is essentially timeless. If, for some reason the furniture should break, it usually might be repaired by a proper craftsman.

Wooden furniture is unique

In the case of wooden furniture, the customer gets long-lasting and unique furniture. If the furniture is handmade (as in our case), then every customer has a right to say that his closet, table, kitchen, staircase, bed, chest of drawers is completely unique and there is no such thing in the world. Each finished item is unique.

Wooden furniture is suitable for every home

It all depends on the design and finish of the furniture. People who fear that wood is old-fashioned have not realized that wood can also be used to make truly modern solutions.

The wood can be bent and twisted, and a good craftsman can give it exactly the shape and finish desired by the customer. So, there is no place where wood would not fit.

For people, wooden furniture is often associated with lacquered pine furniture. As we can use many different types of wood and the list of finishing options is endless, fortunately this is no longer the case today. Thus, by using the right finishing agents (such as stains or paint), the texture of the wood is also noticeable on the finished surface, while giving it a unique look.

In other words, a painted chest of drawers or cabinet still looks woody after it is covered with paint.

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