Ordering of wooden furniture

Ordering of wooden furniture

Wooden furniture can be ordered either through our website or by phone. For more information +372 5078 589.

To describe and submit your wishes, use the order form at the bottom of this page or send it by email puitmoobel@puitmoobel.ee

Aiming to make the ordering of wooden furniture as smooth as possible, please send us the following information, if possible:

Description of the desired furniture

Describe your wishes as precisely as possible. If our gallery contains furniture that meets your wishes, click on the “I want something similar” button in the gallery and fill in all the required fields of the order form.

Drawing (if any)

Our order form also allows you to upload a drawing. The drawing does not have to be professional and can be hand-drawn (see example). If there is no drawing, a photo illustrating the design is also suitable.

Allowed file formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, BMP, DOC, DOCX. The maximum allowed file size is 3mb.

Desired material and extra wishes

Be sure to add the desired material  (pine, birch, ash, oak, plywood) or some other material / wood species.

If you still do not know exactly what fittings (drawer rails, hinges, cabinet systems, etc.) you want for your furniture, we will kindly give advice and try to find the best possible solution. This is both in price and quality.

Installation of wooden furniture

For an accurate price offer, we also need information on whether it is up to us to install the wooden furniture or whether you want to do it yourselves.

Contact details

In order for us to send you a price offer or ask for additional information where necessary, be sure to fill in the contact details as well. We definitely recommend adding your contact phone as this will make the exchange of information faster.

Request sent – what’s next?

The initial offer will let you know the price range. The exact price will be announced once we have agreed on the details, carried out the necessary measurements and made sure that you get the furniture you want.

Ordering wooden furniture – the main recommendations

Ordering wooden furniture is probably an activity that you do not do on a daily basis. So here are some suggestions to make this process smoother.

Furniture dimensions, functionality and design

Allow us make you the most exact offer possible and try to get the most accurate furniture dimensions possible. If you are not strong in the measurement work, let us know and we will do it ourselves.

Imagine what the design and functionality of the furniture could be (you can find references, for example, in Our gallery).

Think about what materials you want to use

Wooden furniture is made of different woods. There are two main types of wood in use in Estonia, which are pine and birch. Ash and oak wood are used less for furniture.

The furniture we make predominantly comes as combination of birch / birch plywood. Although it is worth mentioning that we are increasingly using ash and oak wood in the production of enclosures. Aiming to make you the most accurate offer possible, we need to know what material for furniture you want.

We recommend our customers to use birch wood and birch plywood as the first choice for furniture material. We use plywood mainly to achieve greater stability of the furniture. By adding birch details, we shade the plywood and only the beauty of the wood stands out.

We use a similar solution for other wood species (ash, oak), where we also use a relatively large amount of birch plywood in the interior parts.

Broadly speaking, everything depends on your personal preferences, but our main recommendation is to choose birch furniture, because in this case we can guarantee the longevity of furniture manufactured.

For more information: the price difference between pine and birch furniture is not very significant.

Which worktops do you want to use?

The worktops and cabinet / kitchen surfaces are generally made of oak or other harder hardwood. A major disadvantage of pine is its softness. Depending on the place of growth and the rate of growth, pine wood is very soft, and furniture made of this material is not very durable.

Example: The resin in the pine wood (which is more common in the branches) tends to leave green spots when finished white. Various stuff can be used against this, but as the finishing layer no longer penetrates the surface of the wood, these areas will still be visible on a light surface.

What fittings do you want to use?

By using different fittings, you can add functionality to your furniture. Be it the contents of the corner cabinet in the kitchen, or the small cargo next to the stove, where it is nice to put both oil bottles and some spices. Or the bars in the wardrobe are too high, no problem, for example we use a moving bar.

Write to us about your wishes and we will help you find a good solution in this complex world of fittings.

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