Customized wooden furniture

Handmade high-quality Estonian wooden furniture that will serve you for years.


The production of wooden furniture is our main activity, which we have been doing since 2006.

In order for the wooden furniture to be of the highest possible quality, we cooperate with reputable manufacturers of such fittings as HETTICH, Kesseböhmer, Koblenz, Hailo (Hetest OÜ), Haffele, Blum door lifts (Mööblifurnituur AS), TULIP handles, etc.

We finish our products with professional finishing products from Akzo Nobel, and we use Wagner finishing equipment for finishing.

Kitchen furniture

For many families, the kitchen is one of the most important places in the house where the whole family spends the most time together. Thus, the layout, design, functionality and material of kitchen furniture must be carefully thought out in advance so that it is maximum effective.

As for us, we offer kitchen furniture that meets all the above conditions.

Wooden bedroom furniture

The bedroom is where we spend most of our lives. So, why not to furnish it in a way that allows us to feel there as comfortable as possible.

Our high-quality timeless wooden bedroom furniture gives everyone that desired opportunity.

Living-room furniture from solid wood

The great advantage of solid wood furniture for living room over low-cost furniture is that it will last for many years. Besides, wooden furniture is easy to maintain and, if necessary, restore and refurbish.

Another big plus is that due to its long duration (lasting at least 20 years), such furniture is significantly less burdensome for the environment.

Well-designed, thoroughly elaborated and finished wooden bedroom furniture is always modern and fits into any interior.

Bathroom furniture

When making bathroom furniture, certain requirements are necessarily met – it must withstand damp and cramped conditions in a best way.

In addition, in small rooms all storage space must be used with utmost efficiently.

Accordingly, we offer a custom-made bathroom furniture service.


Wardrobe with sliding doors gives you the opportunity to save a lot of space. In addition, unlike a regular wardrobe, you can decide for yourself what functionality the contents of your wardrobe will have. In case of the wardrobe, the cabinet design imposes slightly stricter restrictions.

Another great advantage of the wardrobe is that it takes into account the dimensions and characteristics of your rooms, which you can use more optimally if you plan well.

Wardrobe beds / Wall-mounted beds

A wardrobe bed gives you the opportunity to transform your entire room due to a few simple movements so that in a wink a children’s room or office becomes a bedroom.

This is a great solution where there is little space, and every centimeter is priced in gold.