Wardrobe manufacture

Wardrobe manufacture

Wardrobe making is an activity we have been doing since 2006. Therefore, we can safely confirm that we have extensive experience and can offer you wardrobe systems that meet your special wishes.

Why choose a wardrobe?

Quite often we are asked what are the advantages of a wardrobe system over a regular wardrobe. Our answer is always like this:

  • If you choose a wardrobe with sliding door, it will allow you to save a lot of space
  • Unlike a wardrobe, you can decide more freely what functionality your wardrobe has
  • You can design and put in place all the wardrobe elements yourself
  • Instead of multiple wardrobes, you have a single place to keep your belongings
  • The wardrobe is made according to the dimensions and characteristics of your rooms and thus can be used much more optimally
  • Unlike wardrobes, it is possible to plan smart storage spaces in the wardrobe

Ordering of wardrobe

To make the ordering of the wardrobe system and its manufacture as smooth as possible, the following things should be thought out in advance.

Dimensions and design

Think about where your wardrobe should be in your room or house and do the necessary measurement work. If possible, then sketch us the first drawing of what your wardrobe should look like.

Shelves, drawers or baskets?

To make a quote, we need to know if and to what extent drawers, baskets, shelves, hanger tubes, etc. are used in your wardrobe. If possible, also mark them on your drawing.

Do you use sliding or folding doors?

Sliding and folding doors allow you to save a lot of space. Describe the type of door you want to use.

What material do you want to use?

Shall we use solid wood, plywood, blockboard or something else? What fittings do you want?

Wardrobe installation

In the price inquiry, please also indicate whether the installation of the wardrobe is carried out by us or you wish to deal with it yourself. From us you can get in this case worthy advice, and the wardrobe will also be more affordable.

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