Custom-made bathroom furniture

Custom-made bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture differs significantly from furniture in other rooms since it has to withstand damp and cramped conditions. The furniture must be compact and functional, while practical and stylish. Accordingly, we offer custom-made bathroom furniture as a service.

According to your request, we will prepare for you:

  • Bathroom furniture sets
  • Washbasin cabinets
  • Dressers
  • Shelving
  • Mirror cabinets
  • Etc.

Ordering of bathroom furniture

To make ordering bathroom furniture as smooth as possible, send us the following information if possible:

Description of bathroom furniture

The more precisely you can describe your desires, the better. Be sure to check out our gallery of works that can give you inspiration.

If our gallery contains some bathroom furniture that might suit you, click on the “I want similar” button in the gallery and fill in all the required fields in the order form.

Send us a drawing

For many people, drawing is a difficult activity, so let’s say right away that it does not have to be a professional drawing. You can draw it as accurately as you can by hand and send it to us either as a scanned file or as a picture.

In addition to all the above, we can also come to you and do the necessary measurement and drawing work ourselves.

Consider materials and fittings

To make you as accurate a quote as possible, we kindly ask you to send us your material preference (birch, oak, spruce, pine, ash, etc.). In interior enclosures, we always recommend using either plywood or blockboard.

It might be good if you also knew what fittings you would like to see on your furniture. This is not mandatory, because in this regard, too, we might advise you and try to find the best possible solution. Both in price and quality.

Installation of bathroom furniture

One part of the cost of the work is the installation of bathroom furniture. So let us know if the installation is up to us or whether you want to take it on.

Contact details

In order for us to send you a price offer or ask for additional information where necessary, be sure to fill in the contact details as well. We definitely recommend adding your contact phone as this will make the exchange of information faster.

Request sent – what’s next?

The initial offer will let you know the price range. The exact price will be announced once we have agreed on the details, carried out the necessary measurements and made sure that you get the furniture you want.

Bathroom furniture to order – send price inquiry

Work done

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