Kitchen furniture

Kitchen furniture

It is quite likely that one of the most important places in any home is the kitchen. In many families, this is also the place where the whole family spends the most time together. Thus, kitchen furniture is one of the most important elements of home furnishings, the layout, design, functionality and material of which should be carefully thought out in advance.

Our kitchen furniture meets all of the above conditions. Apart from the complete solution of solid wood kitchen furniture, we also offer the manufacture of individual elements. This allows you to plan your kitchen according to your needs and opportunities.

Kitchen furniture 86
Sloping ceilings are also not a problem, we use all the available space if necessary. Triangles open down.

Ordering of kitchen furniture

To make ordering of kitchen furniture as smooth as possible it is worth thinking over the following things for yourself in advance.

Functionality and design of kitchen furniture

The kitchen tends to be a place where space is limited, so corners must be used as efficiently as possible. It is worth thinking about storage areas you can use here or there and how to place everything so that doing things in the kitchen is as comfortable as possible.

On top of that, we can help you with our extensive experience. Describe your wishes as accurately as possible and if our gallery contains furniture that matches your wishes, send us the number of kitchen furniture that suits you.

We use high quality Hettich and Kessebohmer fittings. Handles from Tulip.

Drawing (if any)

All our order forms also allow you to upload drawings. You can freely make a hand-drawing on paper, take a picture of it with your phone and send it to us. If you do not have a drawing, then a photo illustrating the design is also suitable.

Desired material and additional requests

The desired material (pine, birch, ash, oak, plywood) or any other material/tree species should definitely be included. It is also not a problem for us to use precious wood in the details (e.g. walnut, cherry, zebrano, teak, etc.)

If you do not yet know exactly what fittings (drawer rails, hinges, cabinet systems, etc.) you want in your furniture, we will kindly advise and try to find the best possible solution. Both in price and quality.

One of the beautiful kitchens also includes a beautiful dining table. If you want, we’ll make it too.

Kitchen furniture

Installation of kitchen furniture

Let us know if it is up to us to install the kitchen furniture or if you would like to take it on. If you follow our instructions when installing, self-installed furniture will not be covered by warranty. And don’t worry, we’ll figure it out if you’ve screwed up on your own. Honesty first and foremost.

Contact details

In order for us to send you a price offer or ask for additional information where necessary, be sure to fill in the contact details as well. We definitely recommend adding your contact phone as this will make the exchange of information faster.

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