Wardrobe-bed making

Wardrobe-bed making

Wardrobe-bed saves space during the day, but at night you get a perfect comfortable sleeping place!

What is a wardrobe bed?

The wardrobe bed is also known under the name of the wall-mounted bed. With just a few simple moves, you get the opportunity to transform your entire room, quickly turning your children’s room or office into a bedroom.

This is a great solution where there is little space, and every centimeter is priced in gold. Wardrobe bed fits well:

  • in a small one-room apartment
  • in an apartment without bedroom
  • in a children’s room
  • in a small bedroom
  • for an office that needs bed, but where there is no separate room for it

Thus, the Wardrobe Bed is ideal for solving all kinds of problems arising from lack of space.

Why choose a wardrobe bed?

  1. This gives you the opportunity to save space and create extra space in small apartments
  2. In addition to the sleeping place, the wardrobe bed can be used both for storing bed clothes and as a shelf and cabinet for placing things
  3. It is possible to order a custom-made wardrobe bed as desired, which can also be used as an office desk or worktop

The Wardrobe Bed is practical

The wall-mounted bed allows us to have not only a sleeping place, but also provides the possibility of extra shelves and storage spaces. As desired, we can make it in a way when it opens either horizontally or vertically.

In addition to wall-mounted beds of standard sizes, we also make beds in special sizes. All beds are equipped with special straps which ensure that both the mattress and the bedding are fixed there. This way, you don’t have to get a separate closet or storage space for bed clothes.

What does the wall-mounted bed look like?

As a rule, we make a wardrobe bed in a way when it matches other colors and  furniture in the room. If desired, we can attach a mirror, wallpaper, photo, etc. to it, for example.

To increase reliability, we use high-quality materials that ensure the serviceability and safety of the bed. High-quality wall-mounted bed systems made by us do not have additional locks. At the same time, if you wish, we can also install an additional lock, which makes opening the bed a little more difficult. According to the customer request, we offer wall-mounted beds with additional modules. It means that you can design a whole wall. A wardrobe bed can also be part of a large wardrobe or living-room cabinet. On top of everything, the wall-mounted beds we make have a soft opening and closing stroke, which ensures that when you open and close the beds, the things on the shelves do not fall off.

Moreover, we can make side and top modules for the Wardrobe Bed, which allow filling the entire wall with shelves, drawers or cabinets. The range of opportunities is only limited by imagination.

Ordering wardrobe bed

Ordering wardrobe bed – Work done

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