To make a first bidding we require the exact measures of the furniture wanted and as detailed description as possible. Also the wanted material and the thickness wanted. The usual measures we use are 18mm, 24mm and 40mm. By request we use the askes proportions. If you have a sketch of the desired piece – that would be the best! You can use GoogleSketchup to design your furniture. You should also concider the decoration for the furniture (oiling, paint, varnish or something else you would like to have).

First bidding will inform you of the price range, the additional bidding is been made when all details have been negotiated, so that you can have the furniture you always wanted. If you are unaware of the fittings you would like to have for your furniture (hinges, drawer runners, handles, sliding systems etc. ) we are happy to help and recommend the product so you will get the best value for your money.

Stain tones the surface of the furniture.

Varnish hardens the surface.

Stain and varnish are usually used together.

Oil leaves the surface silky and soft.

Damage in oiled furniture is easier to repair.

Use only lightly moist cloth to clean your wooden furniture.

Liquids spilled should be removed as soon as possible.