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Metsamoor recommends:


The Birch

The Birchtree gives its friendship to those who approach it with love, it favours sincere people and communicates better with woman and children.  It brings joy to kids and comforts the woman. Birch has the ability to eliminate harmful microbes that cause illness. It´s a sensitive tree, it awakens intensive forces in humans , makes them more approachable . Being in close approximity of a birch , you will find resolutions to your problems.

  The Birch and The Pine

A Woman and a Man

Birch- female sensitivity and pine- masculine balance. If you tie the birch and pine together , you will create an harmony and bliss at home.


The Pinetree

The Pines gives you energy while undergoing physical stress. It can cure disturbed aura, calms the rambling spirit and your feelings will be clear. Helps to find inner balance and peace. This tree cleans your mind from all negative and calms dissapointment. The Pine helps to find solutions while being stuck in problems. Its a masculine tree, tree of leaders, it gathers a team around itself,  there is no room for weaklings. If there is a pine near your house and its not growing well, then it helps the man of the house to purify its energy. The pine brings strenght to men and helps them to win love of a woman. It´s a soft tree with a comforting smell of resin. Pine is very soft and very frindly to skin. It is characteristic to pine tree to have lots of knots, that give the furniture its specific look. Is suitable for low strain areas (doors, drawers etc).



The Birch and The Spruce ( our favourite trees)

Sincere and feminine birch comforts, cares and makes you feel happy, combined with mighty spruce that banishes all evil and makes you feel secure – very  positive combination.


The Spruce

The Spruce gives creativeness and inspiration. Its resembles to music that carries you away and embraces you gently. The spruce is a symbol of strenght and force. Being close to it - all your sorrows, pessimism and greed fade away and you will find new positivity in your life. The wood is similar to pine, but the core of the tree is more gentle and has less knots. Spruce is more weather resistant, then pine. And from a cupboard made of spruce you can generously  give out to your friends.


The Oak

The Oak is the mightiest of all trees. Its gives out energy for a long time and is more suited for strong people who have to make hard decisions. The Oak gives a lot of lifeforce and a long life. He helps those with depression, who are tired and indifferent. Oak is harsh: it can not stand those who whine - it prefers those who are fighters. It reinforces the mood that you approach the tree with. Oak activates the blood- and lymphatic circulation, helps to conquer strain and exhaustion.

Oak is luxurious, very hard, longlasting. You can make everything from that tree and place it everywhere. Its not suitable for all interiors thow, it prefers stylish places. Among furniture made out of oak, you feel secure and protected.


The Ash

Energy of the Ash tree helps artists and athletes. It helps you to remember pleasant memories and events. It frees a human mind from frames. Ash helps you to understand things to come, promotes clairvoyance and gives you the ability to see the future. Ash helps those who are sincere in their wishes. Being a swindler - offends the tree and you will get mixed signals and make wrong decisions. The Ash always wants something in return. This tree gives you good imagination and bright fantasies. The same as Oak, you can make anything from it. And since the Oak and Ash have similar structures, then so called ``fake oak furniture´´ is made from it.

The Oak and the Ash

2 leaders

Oak says - I know what to do, come with me. Ash- keeps silent, but you know, where it leads you. Two of a kind- one lightens up your lifeforce and the other opens your chakras.

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